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Matching Tattoos




Tattoo needle, tattoo ink, transparent keyboard cover, disinfectant wipes, MacBook laptop

In this hour-long performance, viewers witness an intimate ritual as I apply a stick-and-poke tattoo to my laptop's removable keyboard skin, while simultaneously giving myself the same tattoo.

Tattooing as a ritual grounded on the concept of making a permanent mark on one’s body, inevitably indicates a hierarchy of power and possession. However, the keyboard skin belongs to neither the machine nor me; rather, it is an interface embodying the space between. Instead of a battle of hierarchical power, tattooing this artificial skin is a projection of my one-way fantasy upon reliance on the machine, while in reality the machine itself remains unbothered.

The meticulous hand-poked process unfolds slowly, contrasting human care with technological apathy. What remains is a lingering remnant of affections passing from person to object, and from self onto ephemeral image.

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