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I am fascinated by pixels.

These intangible particles form a field that both defines and transcends texture and form as we merge into each other’s gaze. Voluntarily and involuntarily, the dichotomy between self and other is transformed as we re-encounter strangers — not only with others, but also with ourselves.

Meanwhile, stranger is the most familiar identity I see of myself. I left home for school abroad at a rather young age. Since then, I have been moving from place to place, culture to culture. The sense of home is decomposed and scattered around along the process, as my rooting is always yet to happen. The uncanniness in the duality of home and estrangerment is therefore omnipresent to me, and so is my relationship with all the strangers in my journey, including myself. Pixels compose such a field where this uncanniness is embodied. The fluidy of pixels holds my presence and trace in an am-
biguous state in between the first, second, and third person; in this dynamics, I find my belongingness and identification.


The stranger-relation is a screen of pixels, through which the net of the world unfolds itself by its smallest unit, through which I see you, and myself. Grounded upon this intimate estrangement, my work of video, interactive media, and installation explores the seductive quality of in-betweenness in the stranger-relation we share in the hybrid reality.

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