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Touch Me (Not)

Interactive webpage


laptop, web browser

/*-------------installation version below-------------*/

Touch Me (Not)

Video Installation


12.35 x 8.62 x 0.71 in

Macbook Pro 13', projector,

video (02:53, loop)

While the eyes are fixed onto the screen where letters pop up, the expression is exported via the taps of fingertips. An ambiguous intimacy lingers between the tangibility on the substantial keyboard and the non-physical communication of two minds. Despite the former indicating a relatively isolated state while the latter suggests the fact of a company, a sense of intimacy is felt in the solitude. 

Touch Me (Not) extracts the sense of touch as a form of expression in digital communication to examine the machine as a physical agency of intimacy that silently partakes the way we connect.

touch me not no bg_1.png


Are we strangers?


Are you there?

Can you see me?


Are we strangers?


alphabet no words.jpg

Alphabet from Touch Me (Not)

touch me not no bg_2.png

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